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Welltain Christian International School’s Counseling Department strives to assist our students in completing their academic experience at WCIS and in continuing their academic pursuits successfully.

In Student Counseling, our group of qualified and experienced counselors enable our students to accomplish academic integrity and to use that integrity in the reaching of their academic potential. Moreover, student counselors will examine not only a student’s intellectual growth but also their social and emotional growth; encouraging our students to achieve more and become more.


In addition to providing a quality education for our students, WCIS strives to prepare our students for their next academic stage. In College Counseling, our faculties with extensive expertise in the university application process will assist our students in better preparing themselves for their net academic stage.

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Student Counseling

In Student Counseling, our counselors look beyond the scores, and into each student. Our counselors examine our students’ academic progress and discuss how to improve every student’s academic achievement, to encourage each student to meet their full academic potential.

Our counselors are dedicated to helping our students overcome the challenges and difficult situations that may interfere with learning during their development. Counselors aim to provide assistance to our students to our students in order to help them achieve not only their academic potential, but also spiritual and personal growth within the balanced school experience at WCIS.

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College Counseling

In WCIS’s College Counseling, our counselors seek to be good partners with both students and parents in successfully traversing the important transition from one academic stage to another. Together with our qualified faculties, who have extensive knowledge and experience in university admissions, WCIS offers professional College Counseling and assist our students in reaching their goals and in getting entrance into their top choices of universities.

Through College Counseling, our counselors will ensure that students not only understand the importance of their grades, SAT, and AP scores but also fully grasp their potentials. The counselors will also assist students in showcasing their talents throughout the college application process and will assist them in getting where they want to be with regards to their academic pursuits.

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