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Welcome to WCIS

Making an impact by enriching our students' education experiences

with christian values.


About Us

Adolescence, the formative years of one's life, is a significant stage during which one needs the most guidance for balanced spiritual and intellectual growth. WCIS was founded to provide our younger generations with such guidance, focusing on four virtues: knowledge, moral character, physical wellness and Christian faith.

국제학교, 여름캠프, 국제스쿨, STA, 외국인학교, 대안학교, 인천국제학교, 청라국제학교, 어학원, 기독교학교, 영어유치원! 웰틴스쿨에서


WCIS welcomes all motivated students and parents who wish to enrich the academic and Christian experience of their children with WCIS.

Our Admissions Process is designed to select and place our prospective students in appropriate levels. For our application process, please read the following instructions carefully.


국제학교, 여름캠프, 국제스쿨, STA, 외국인학교, 대안학교, 인천국제학교, 청라국제학교, 어학원, 기독교학교, 영어유치원! 웰틴스쿨에서

Meet the Best Guidance

" Welltain Christian International School strives to assist our students in completing their academic experience at WCIS and in continuing their academic pursuits successfully. "

강의에 미소 학생

We are offering

WCIS strives to offer students a quality learning experience embedded with noble virtues, which allow students entrance to post-secondary education in the finest universities in the world.

WCIS offers a rigorous curriculum following the Texas standards. Based on Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), the guides have been considered as functional and in use.

WCIS also offers Advancement Placement courses of the College Board. WCIS prepares all students academically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.

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